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Rated NA Episode 10: The guys go off on a tangent…about samurai swords

You have to stick with it til the end to hear about the wonderful online videos that display sword and sorcery (minus any sorcery). Today we talked about battling fans (of the ceiling variety), Patton Oswalt, Catch Up Time, Illusive Man Comic, and the Korean’s “death by gaming”. We review Gears gaming session and Eureka, then we go off on a long tangent about what we are looking forward to in 2011, which somehow tied into Samurai Swords….go figure.

rated NA Episode 10: The guys go off on a tangent…about samurai swords

(Catching up slowly here, this is technically the one for last week…so HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

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  1. ROB

    Gotta give the Mayans credit – they at least thought thousands of years ahead… programmers didn’t even plan for the next century

  2. matt

    Still blows my mind how they planned for thousands of years.

  3. Nick

    It’s just a round calendar. So everything round ends up back to the starting point. They were just too lazy to make the circle big enough.

    Thanks for an enjoyable podcast. It’s helped me through part 1 of 80 parts massive amounts of data entry I have to do at work today.

  4. Beast_Mode

    oh, the rarespawn. my hunter had a few rarespawn pets. so much fun. that was one of my favorite things to do.

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