Na Valentines

Rated NA: Valentines Day Special

Today we invite our very lovely wives (and soon-to-be wives) on to the podcast to talk about our nerdy beginnings and we play a game! the Nerdywed Game. Hope you enjoy this very different, but very special episode of the Rated NA Podcast for

Rated NA: Valentines Day Special

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  1. Ryan

    Hopefully this is going to be on the cam as well, because the official NA Drinking game gets a special rule tonight: take a drink every time Jen rolls her eyes. If it’s not I assume you’ll still be able to hear that.

  2. Cohen


    1. matt

      I was hoping that would give someone a laugh.

  3. Ash

    I liked it too. I also like how you edited out that 10 minute argument you all had about something totally inconsequential.

  4. Scott

    *Pause* +1

    This wouldn’t have been as funny without some quasi-dysfunctional game rule clarifications. Hilarious.

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