Rated NA 151: Foreplay Romance in Games Pt 3 @ PAX East 2014

[HOSTS: Ash, Matt, and Scott]RNA151

Our pal MFB drops by to talk Foreplay… Romance in Games, that is! Enjoy the third installment of the popular panel, recorded at PAX East 2014. Its clever, light-hearted, and a ton of fun – we think you’ll Love it (see what we did, there?). Panelists this time around include: Sean Baptiste [Community Manager, Fire Hose Games], Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows [Co-founder, Creative Director, Tonic Industries, Gorgeous Robot], Hilary Heskett Shapiro [Co-founder, Product Marketing Manager, Tonic Industries, BioWare], Amanda Cosmos [Dating Sim Enthusiast and Blogger, Self], Aenne Schumann [Co-Host, Reset Transmission Podcast, Press2Reset], and Mike Laidlaw [Creative Director of the Dragon Age franchise at BioWare].

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Rated NA 151


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