Gears Of War: Judgment – Chicks Dig The Baird!

Gears of War: Judgment – Chicks Dig the Baird!

After selling 13 million units world wide, you didn’t really think the Gears of War franchise was over right? While the fine folks at EPIC Games are have shifted focus to other endeavors (see Fort Night), they’ve handed over their precious (and lucrative) franchise to their friends at People Can Fly, the sadists behind last year’s Bulletstorm.  With the world of Sera saved and all that, where does the Gears franchise head next?  Simple, THE PAST!

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Brothers ‘Till The End: Epic Games To Aid 38 Studios Team

Brothers ‘Till The End: Epic Games to Aid 38 Studios Team

Quite possibly the biggest piece of gaming news in recent months was the rise and fall of 38 Studios. Virtually every gaming site on the planet has covered the event that will no doubt go down in gaming history as one gigantic cluster bomb of nasty. We actually talked about it on Rated NA:60 as well as Press to Reset: 45 – Like a chainsaw wielding white knight, North Carolina based Epic Games, creators of Unreal, Gears of War, and the upcoming Fort Night, have stepped into the ring as the heroes of this once awful and depressing tale. Take a look at the latest info straight from Dr. Capps and Epic. This is just awesome.

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Bulletstorm: You Like Strawberry?  Try RAWBERRY! … A Review

Bulletstorm: You like strawberry? Try RAWBERRY! … A review

Bulletstorm breathes new life into the decaying corpse that is the first person shooter. There are a few disclaimers about the game that I must share before I get into a proper review.  First, the game isn’t meant to be taken seriously.  The dialog is meant to be ridiculous and cheesy, sort of like if Wolverine was the main character in Ice Pirates (1% of people reading this have seen Ice Pirates).   Let’s review the game, not the hype.

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