Gears 3: Gears Weekend Veteran Gear Unlock Revealed… LIST HERE *Updated*

“What do I get for earning my wings in Gears 2?” This question has been floating around ever since Epic Games mentioned that they’d be rewarding die-hard Gears 2 players with something special in Gears of War 3. This prize is only for those brave enough to reach reach rank 100 in Gears 2-multiplayer; not an easy feat.  Well gang, in a little over an hour you’ll have your answer. Epic is hosting a chat in which the prize will finally be revealed, along with some information about this weekend’s “Gears Weekend”. We’ll have the link for you here around 5:30 est, so make sure to hit refresh.  And good luck to all you rank 100 folks.. I sure hope it’s not a weapon skin. 🙂


Full List Of Veteran Gear Unlocks
* Medal and Title “Old Guard”
* Gold Gnasher – (can also be achieved by playing during the first week of Gears 3)
* All Five Gold Weapons –

And that’s pretty much it. It turns out all five golden-primary weapons can be earned through various means. Are you happy with these rewards? Let us know!

Watch live video from epicgamesinc on

“We’re kicking off this Gears Weekend via a live stream tonight at 5:30 p.m. Eastern. During the stream, Epic Games Executive Producer Rod Fergusson will announce which Gears 3 unlock is tied to the Gears 2 Veteran Gear achievement. Since we’re making an announcement, this is a bit different than our typical Q & A streams. We may not have quite as much time dedicated to answering questions but feel free to send some to @gearsofwar3 and @raczilla on Twitter and we’ll try and answer a few if time permits. If you’re not able to watch the stream live on our page, you can see the archive by visiting the page any time after the stream is finished. We’ll also post the video archive here on the Community Site.”

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  1. Scott

    You’re the gears guy here, but it doesn’t sound like much. But if you’re playing for fun, then maybe it’s cool.

    The problem with DLC and unlocks in general is that it can’t detract from the person who picks up the game as the casual fan and wants to have a good time. It must be difficult to reward the core fan while not alienating the casual gamer.

    Either way, still looking to 4 player co-op!

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