Gears of War 3: War-pigs trailer – We break it down!

By now you’ve probably seen the stellar video for the Gears of War 3 campaign, lovingly referred to as “The War-pigs Trailer“.. If you haven’t.. please, check it out below. Since things happen so fast I decided to break down the trailer and explain it all scene by scene – Here goes!


A C.O.G. King Raven - Following the events of Gears 2 and the subsequent novels these are becoming more and more rare - There is also a "Stalk" in the background. Lambent emerge from stalks.

Adam Fenix - mastermind of the Hammer of Dawn and key to understanding the locust. Long thought to be deceased. A good portion of Gears 3 will be finding Adam.

Berserkers are female locust that are kept isolated due to their massive size and aggression. They are used for breeding and typically don't want to be. Berserkers are blind but have an increased sense of smell and hearing. A lambent Berserker will explode on death and appears to be even more unstoppable..

One of the biggest baddies in the Locust arsenal makes its return in Gears 3, the ever popular Corpser.

New playable character Jace Stratton - Orginally to be voiced by hip-hop "sensation" Drake, Jace is now voiced by by actor Michael B. Jordan, known for his role as Vince Howard on the television series Friday Night Lights.

C.O.G. chairman Richard Prescott in his "fightin' suit". Believe it or not, all able bodied males on Sera are required to serve in the military for a few years when they come of age, so even Prescott knows his way around a Lancer.

Stalks! As stated before, stalks are a sort of reverse grind-lift, instead bringing the Lambent to the party.

I'm fairly certain these are the Polyps that the Gears have to deal with in the novels.. if so, they emerge en-mass from a stalk and explode on death...

Without a doubt - A Lambent Leviathan - In the novels by Karen Traviss these started to appear around the end of Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant. They were nearly impossible to kill.

While subs do exist in the Gears universe they are quite rare. Looks like we get to pilot one.

Cole in his old Thrashball uniform getting blown up - Your guess is as good as mine.

Cole Train on a fucking zip line!

The other big bad in the Locust lineup - The Brumak makes his return

"Let's finish it.." - Do we have to?

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    I was really hoping that it would be the CAKE version of War-Pigs… wishful thinking I guess…

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