Felicia Day: Dragon Age Redemption *updated -w- Teaser!*

Felicia Day: Dragon Age Redemption *updated -w- teaser!*

The internet exploded this morning with information so amazing, it can simply be described as “epic”. One of our favorite nerds, Felicia Day has been hinting at a #secretproject for weeks now, but details have been scant at best. Well this morning, bright and early, the bomb was dropped. Felicia Day was approached by Bioware to create a web-series based on their Dragon Age franchise! This was something I wasn’t aware that I really wanted until it actually existed, sort of like sweet and spicy Doritos (soooo good)

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Liam Neeson Returns To Star Wars!

Liam Neeson returns to Star Wars!

I remember lining up all day in Tampa to see the Phantom Menace on opening day.  The conditions at the theater were terrible: Broken AC, blurry lens, and a terrible crowd.  I ended up leaving the theater feeling a bit drained, like someone had siphoned the “force” right out of me.  The movie wasn’t what I was expecting, but there was one thing I loved about the phantom menace and that was Liam Neeson’s portrayal of Qui-Gon Jin.

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