Powers television series finally takes flight.

Much more like The Shield than Heroes...

Much more like The Shield than Heroes...

The television series for Brian Michael Bendis’ detective comic “Powers” has finally been given a green light and will appear next year on FX!  Languishing in development hell for ages, nobody ever thought Powers would fight its way to the small screen.  Luckily for us a few of FX’s originals didn’t do so well this year.  We’re elated to hear that the same production team that worked on The Walking Dead will be involved with the pilot.

The Plot – If you haven’t read Powers, the story involves a pair of detectives that deal chiefly in super hero related homicide. The story picks up with Christian Walker and his partner Deena Pilgrim investigating a grizzly homicide involving one of the nation’s premiere heroes. Bendis does a superb job of creating a reality only slightly removed from our own. Both heroes and villains exist in this reality, but are often incredibly flawed and human just like the rest of us. The murdered hero, Retro Girl was the only exception to this rule, a young heroine that was the shining example of what a hero should be. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Powers series!  Keep your eyes on the site for further information involving what is sure to be nothing short of “super”.

Go ahead and list your dream casting decisions below.

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  1. Ash

    Christian Walker – Nathan Fillion

    Deena Pilgrim – Kristen Bell

  2. helloscientist

    Christian Walker – Vin Diesel

    Deena Pilgrim – Mo’nique

    On a more serious note, I hope this turns out as well or better than The Walking Dead. I love the book, can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  3. Ash

    You didn’t care for The Walking Dead? Are you in one of “those moods?”

    1. helloscientist

      No, I loved The Walking Dead. I’m hoping that Powers gets the same treatment, or more. Powers is one of my all time favorite comics.

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