Terra Nova

Terra Nova: New sci-fi for Fox to cancel?

Here we go again. Fox previewed its new series Terra Nova during “the big game” this past week. It’s a show about humans who destroy the future, and then go back in time to have another go at it. There’s dinosaurs and that guy from ABC’s short-lived Life on Mars. Kinda smacks of Avatar a bit, and Steven Spielberg is involved. That’s not really important right now because, gee, if there’s any safe place for sci-fi on network television it’s Fox: Dark Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Terminator: SCC… all cancelled within two seasons.

Don’t believe me? Are you familiar with the Friday Night Death Slot? This is where shows go to die. There’s even a wikipedia article about the topic. Fox is the greatest offender. And, in case you were keeping score, Fringe was recently moved to Friday nights. The guys at the top are betting on the fact that Fringe viewers watch the program “time shifted.”  (Time shifting is what cavemen did in the early 21st century before Hulu.) No word on where Terra Nova debuts, but with the expectations of Steven Spielberg (Boom Blox anyone?) and the fact that it will air on Fox, there’s no way this show has a chance IMO.

Check out the trailer and leave your thoughts and expectations in the comments:


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  1. Ash

    I’ll watch it. The show looks very expensive. If networks would just focus on cheap character driven Sci-Fi we would have a lot more genre shows on the air.

  2. Scott

    Oh, I’ll most likely watch it too, but if history is any indication, it’s already as good as cancelled.

  3. Pilx

    First I’ll say that sometimes a show only lasting a season or two might not be a bad thing. Sometimes characters can only support a story line for so long before everything has been done and it’s the same episode over and over.

    I’ll give this show a watch though, it look interesting. They just need to come out of the gates swinging. No time for love Doctor Jones.

    You want a cheap Sci-Fi series? I’m thinking, “Star Trek Next Generation X”. It takes place in Star Fleet Academy…think Saved by the Bell meets Deep Space Nine.

  4. mayyoke

    whether or not it gets canceled depends on whether or not you like it scott.. i hear things you like get canceled almost immediately. the rumors, man.

  5. Rigger

    I’m surprised how well Fringe has held up in the FDS.

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