Caprica Cancelled

The Final Five will be revealed, tomorrow

Cancelled? I'm sad about it too.

… of Caprica that is. Syfy will air the remaining episodes of Caprica January 4th, 2011, hot on the heels of the DVD release at the end of 2010. Finally, now there will be more room for shows about spooky ghosts, professional wrestling, and vampires. From one angry viewer’s perspective, the network seems to be planning  to stick to its branding strategy of Syfy NOT SciFi. In other news, I just cancelled cable. Sorry Sanctuary, it’s not you, it’s me. I’ll see you on Hulu.

Only on DVD… what is this, 1997?

Caprica Season 1.5

Caprica Season 1.0

Caprica miniseries


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  1. Ash

    I for one still can’t really figure out the ending of Galactica. It was great, just confusing as all hell.

  2. helloscientist

    I really wanted to like this show, but I just couldn’t get into it. I think I watched the first 6 episodes and just found the characters grating.

    Ash, I feel the same way about Galactica, but I enjoyed the ride.

    1. Ash

      I think the characters in Galactica were just amazing. It was good enough for my crusty old father to fall in love with a space opera, which isn’t his thing at all.

      Something about Caprica always turned me off. I think its because I already knew the end of the story.

      1. helloscientist

        Galatica went a little nuts with the everyone is a cylon thing and the human/cylon love stories. Chief Tyrol was one of my favorite characters and I so wanted him to get a break at some point in his life.

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