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2011 Nerd T.V. Premiere Dates

We’ve been told a handful of times that we need to cover more T.V..  Sadly, due to my schedule I don’t get to watch as much T.V. as I’d like to.  All attempts to clone myself in order to maximize efficiency have ended horribly.  How horribly you ask? We’re talking inside-out Ashs flopping around in a pool of pink goo until they expire.. true story.

Here is a list I complied of early 2011 premiere dates for new seasons, new shows, and mid-season replacements.  Which ones will you be watching?

Attack is back on 1/11/11 (Binary for HW==)


  • Attack of the Show (G4) Jan. 11 – One of my favorite shows is rebooting once again.  New set, new co-host, new comedy.  Now let’s hope it’s still funny as hell.
  • Archer (FX) Jan. 27
  • Being Human (Syfy) Jan. 17
  • The Cape (NBC) Jan. 9 – Can Summer Glau break the dreaded “Curse of the Glau” and lead this new super hero drama to success.  I sure hope so.
  • Caprica (SyFy) Jan. 4 – Already cancelled, but finishing strong.
  • The Event (NBC) Feb. 28 – Really enjoyed the pilot and first few episodes and hear that The Event is the new LOST.  Anyone watching this one?
  • Face Off (Syfy) Jan. 26
  • Ghost Hunters (Syfy) Feb. 23
  • Ghost Hunters International (Syfy) Jan. 5
  • Merlin (Syfy) Jan. 7
  • Parks and Recreation (NBC) Jan. 20 – Amazing Cast and Aubree Plaza looks and acts just like my perpetually aggravated sister-in law.
  • Perfect Couples (NBC) Jan. 20 – with our old friend Olivia Munn.. will it survive?
  • Robot Chicken (CN) Jan. 9
  • Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (Starz) Jan. 21 – Prequel to the hit gladiator show.
  • V (ABC) Jan. 4
  • Young Justice (CN) Jan. 7 – DC comics have some of the best animated shows out there.  Young Justice highlights the adventures of Robin, Superboy and other “sidekicks” as they learn to adventure on their own. Looks cool!

Will you be watching any of these?  I for one am going to give The Cape a shot simply because I want to see “Curse of the Glau” forever broken.

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  1. Beast_Mode

    Spartacus. I cannot wait for this.

  2. helloscientist

    Can’t wait for Archer. What are everyones thoughts on The Cape?

    1. Ash

      I’ve never watched Archer or Spartacus (Other than the pilot), but I plan on watching both.

      I’ve seen a few clips of the cape and it looks promising. It sort of reminds me of Batman meets Angel, which is something I can deal with.

      However, I don’t like circus aspect of the show… Carnie folk are just scary.

  3. haleyxvader

    Stoked on Archer and some new Parks and Rec.

    Do yourselves a favor and check out the original Being Human UK series – it’s easy to find a downlaod. Anyone else sick of all these upcoming US remakes of BBC/E4 shows?

    1. Ash


      I’m sick of remakes in general. Although I have to admit I really liked Life on Mars (A BBC remake) . It could have been my love of Gretchen Mol though.

  4. Scott

    Man… life on mars wasn’t even given a chance. It’s the plight of anything remotely sci-fi right now. Although the setting was always the same, it reminded me of quantum leap. Add Michael Imperioli, give him a role that was practically made for him, and of course Gretchen Mol, who needs no further explanation.

    Now ABC tries to stick us with Detroit 187? You’re not fooling anyone.

    I’m going to check out The Cape, and give Perfect Couples 2 more episodes before I decide. As for AOTS, for a technology focused network, G4 is pretty stingy with their web offerings, and I think their show will ultimately suffer for it.

    1. Ash

      It is sad that Sci-Fi has such a hard time these days. I think once a sci-fi franchise explodes like Harry Potter or Twilight, we’ll see a big resurgence of old school sci-fi. We just need the next “Star Wars”.

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