New AOTS co-host named!

We love Attack of the Show. My wife and I watch it every night before we drift into slumber land. Earlier this year when Olivia Munn departed the show for new opportunities, we were a bit perplexed, what now? Well with Munn missing in action Attack of the Show has been frantically searching for a permanent co-host for their long running series. After “trying out” a pluthora of young ladies the “winner” of this coveted position was announced this evening.

Candice Bailey takes over for Olivia Munn on 1/11/11 Binary for change

Kevin Pereira welcomes Candace Bailey as the new co-host of Attack of the Show, starting January 11, 2011. Wish her luck as she embarks on a special vision quest to prepare her for this grueling task.

What about Alison Haislip who was highly favored to inherit the position?

tweeps, your overwhelming support for me has brought me to tears. thank you from the bottom of my heart. more to come soon, i promise.

We will have to wait and see.

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  1. Pilx

    Poor Alison…Olivia, I will not miss you.

  2. Micah G

    It is really strange that I haven’t seen an episode of aots in well over a year and the one night I randomly tune in the new co-host is named. Strange, but cool. She seems pretty awesome.

  3. Scott
  4. helloscientist

    As much as I liked O.munn I’m not really sad to see her go. I was hoping Alison Haislip was going to get the job. Oh well.

  5. Madson

    Good riddance Munn, now stay out of my daily show!

    1. Derek


      1. nerdwife#1

        triple agreed!

  6. Ash

    I’m just curious how it all went down, because there are probably a handful of people that are very pissed right now. Munn also isn’t saying a peep about it.

    1. Derek

      She needed to check her ego at the door. Was Big Stan supposed to be her big break?

  7. matt

    I’m not going to lie, would have rather had Haislip on this one, but since they don’t broadcast on DirecTV and don’t air full episodes in any other format, I’m not going to miss this much anyways.

    1. Derek

      I haven’t really watched the show in about 3 years and I can tell you that I don’t really miss it either. I did catch a few episodes with Haislip last month and I thought she and Kevin had good chemistry.

  8. Micah G

    I feel out of the loop… why would people be mad about this? She seems nice enough? Was the job supposed to go to someone else?

    1. Ash

      You’re not really “out of the loop” buddy, but I’ll break it down for you. Munn started taking “breaks” from the show to work on other projects and promote her book. They started getting fill in hosts to take her place, but eventually everyone realized she just wasn’t coming back. The show never officially announced she was leaving, but everyone had a gut feeling. No less than a half dozen different ladies “tried out” for the position, but most people expected Alison Haislip to get the job since she had been with the network the longest, and always served as backup host.

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