G4TV: Like A Phoenix?

G4TV: Like a Phoenix?

While both X-Play and AOTS may be going away forever in December, I doubt we’ve seen the last of the cast and crew. I do have to say that I’ll miss is seeing the X-Play posse storm into the tiny press room at PAX: Prime quite a bit. Like it or not, the loss of G4 (in its current incarnation) is a terrible blow to fans of video games and nerd culture everywhere. Perhaps one day we’ll see everyone back together under a new name, rising from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix. Best of luck guys, and thanks.

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Rated NA 58: Stick In The Spokes

Rated NA 58: Stick in the spokes

Holy guacamole, PAX Prime is sold out and Avengers is selling like hotcakes. News about an Elder Scrolls MMO, Ant Man movie, another departure at G4, and our upcoming “wife swap” with Reset Transmission. We start playing down our Summer Game Piles, and review Star Wars Kinect, Dragon Age: Silent Grove, The Avengers, Fable Heroes, and The Infinite Horizon. This week’s community question: Which game, movie, or TV show would you help create with unlimited resources?

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