You Can’t Keep a Good Munn Down! Olivia Munn cast in Aaron Sorkin HBO pilot.

I’ll go ahead and say it, I miss Olivia Munn.  Back when Munn was co-host of Attack of the Show, we would watch and laugh on nightly basis.  There really was something magical about her smug/bitchy sense of humor as well as her unparalleled chemistry with co-host Kevin Pereira.  Munn eventually left AOTS and was cast in NBC’s Perfect Couples, which didn’t survive the brutal 2010 season (so many new shows got the AXE this year).  Well good news Munn fans! Aaron Sorkin has hired Olivia Munn to play a financial analyst in his upcoming HBO drama More as the Story Develops. From the tiny bit of information floating around the interwebs, the series will be about a cable news network and will star Jeff “Dumber” Daniels as the producer (or anchorman), Will McCallister.  Also, currently in talks for the female lead is Emily Mortimer who can be seen in the upcoming Paul Rudd comedy, My Idiot Brother. Good luck on this one Munn!

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  1. Madson

    She is a pox on all entertainment!

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