New J.J. Abrams show teams Lost’s Ben Linus with Jesus to fight crime!

I must admit the premise of J.J. Abram’s new drama “Person of Interest” actually sounds pretty damn fun.  In case your memory is cloudy, Hollywood’s new golden boy (Abrams.. doi) got his action-teeth wet directing episodes of his uber fun C.I.A drama, Alias.  I guess you could say that  Abrams loves his spy hi-jinx, because he’s back for more.  Check out this brief clip of “Person of Interest“.


What is it about?  Well it seems as though Ben Linus is a super scientist that found a way to predict when crimes are about to happen.  In order to stop said-crime, he enlists the aid of James “Jesus” Caviezel, an ex-CIA super operative.  Both Caviezel and Michael Emerson are spectacular actors, so this should be a treat. Person of Interest will air this Fall at 9:00pm on CBS.


James Caviezel
Taraji P. Henson
Michael Emerson
Susan Misner
Jessica Nichols
Courtenay Taylor
Mrs. Kovach
Kevin Chapman
Det. Fusco
Jermaine Crawford
Michael Pope
Emilio Delgado
Detective Padilla
Brian d’Arcy James
Asst. DA Miller
James Hanlon
Detective Stills


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  1. Scott

    I was just thinking that CBS (and TV in general) needs more crime drama.

    Unfortunately, CBS = not on Hulu. Bummer.

  2. Ash

    Yeah, there are actually a few things on CBS this season that I’m looking forward to. Looking at the upcoming schedule, nearly every science fiction property got the AX… it’s a bad year to be a nerdy T.V. fan.

    1. Scott

      And don’t forget about Alcatraz with Hurley:

      As an aside: I wonder how many “Undercovers” episode scripts are being rewritten as we speak.

  3. Ryan

    Wasn’t Terry O’Quinn (Locke) attached to this initially?

  4. Person of Interest

    Love the show so far. Person of interest is defenitley one of my favorite new shows

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