2 Broke Girls

Fall TV Preview Monday 9/19

2 Broke Girls

It’s here, it’s finally here! My nights won’t be boring anymore right? I don’t have to wonder what I’ll watch because the networks will tell me, right?!?

Well Fall TV is upon us, and for the next couple of weeks we will be letting you know what is on that night, what to watch, and what you can probably avoid. So let’s get in it.

First up, tonight is a little light on new shows. A lot of returning programming. So let’s go in alphabetical order by network.



8pm – 10pm 2 hour Season Premiere: Dancing with the Stars – Do you like dancing? Do you like stars? Have you been watching this already? Eh, whatever.

10pm – 11pm Season Premiere: Castle When we asked what show you wanted back, there was a resounding Firefly chant. Well, sorry to tell you, it isn’t going to happen. But if you like all things Nathan Fillion then it doesn’t get much better then Castle. It has some great writing and good casting. Also, last year they did some Firefly callouts during the Halloween episode, so watch it.


8pm – 9pm 1 hour Season Premiere: How I Met Your Mother – I have a confession to make. I have never really gotten into this show. I like the cast, I even like what I have seen, but for whatever reason it’s just never grabbed me long enough to watch more then an episode here and there.

9pm – 9:30pm Season Premiere: 2 and a Half Men – You’re not being punk’d. Ashton Kutcher took over for the winning Charlie Sheen after a complete meltdown this off season. Nothing new, same old half assed jokes written to get the lowest common denominator laughing.

9:30pm – 10pm NEW Premiere: 2 Broke Girls – This brand new show stars Kat Dennings and follows two waitresses, one recently finding herself penniless after a life of being loaded and one who, well has been there all along. I like Kat Dennings, and not in the way Ash and Ryan joke about, but as an actress and I could see her pulling off this sarcastic character. Plus it has a great lead in, audience size wise, and is pretty much the only comedy on at this hour.

10pm – 11pm Season Premiere: Hawaii 5-0I did not watch this last year, I believe Ash did, but I am not positive. It looked a little hokey and it just never caught my attention. Given the choice between Castle and Hawaii 5-0, Castle wins everytime.


8pm – 10pm 2 Hour Season Premiere: Hell’s KitchenUntil I saw Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay was an insufferable prick. If you were to ask me what show exemplifies a kitchen competition I would quickly answer Top Chef and pretend that this show never existed. If you’re into people getting belittled and yelled at and watching them physically crumble on TV, then by all means you have found your winner.


The Playboy Club

8pm – 10pm 2 Hour Season Premiere: The Sing OffThe novelty of reality television wore off on me a long time ago (if you can’t tell by my previews so far). So yet another season of another show that has a singing competition? No thanks.

10pm – 11pm NEW Premiere: Playboy ClubI’m sure that there are some plot hooks planned beyond “Girls in Playboy Bunny Outfits Set in the 60s.” I think there is a murder or something? Anyways, if this goes beyond “HEY WE FIGURED OUT THAT MAD MEN IS SUPER POPULAR” then I may be in, but it looks a bit thin so far.


8pm – 9pm Replay of the Premiere: H8R – Mario Lopez has stars face their biggest hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa….I’m sorry I dozed off at the keyboard just thinking about that sentence.

9pm – 10pm Replay of the Premiere: Ringer – Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sarah Michelle Gellar are twins who want to switch lives because one does drugs and one is rich, or something. Depending on whether you’re Ash (thought it was decent) or Ryan (made it sound as if he’d rather have his fingernails pulled out) then you may love or hate this show.

Our Picks

So what should you watch, DVR and not worry about missing? Here’s our breakdown.

Definite watch:

8pm – How I Met Your Mother

Like I said, the casting is awesome, the writing is quick and fun for a sitcom and I’ve never disliked anything I’ve seen. Since this week is a little light on Monday (Fox is bringing the big guns next week), take this chance to get into a show that just about everyone I know loves.

9pm – Go for a walk

Seriously, get some exercise, if you accidentally forget to change the channel and get sucked into 2 and a Half Men, then tell your friends at the water cooler the next day you just wanted to see what kind of train wreck Ashton Kutcher would be.

9:30pm – 2 Broke Girls – TOP PICK FOR THE NIGHT

It appears that CBS is winning round 1 here. I think Kat Dennings is funny (loved her in Nick and Norah’s) and a show based around her could really work. I’m going to be giving this a shot.

10pm – Castle

Really, it’s good. If you have yet to give this show a shot, now is the time. There are some other things that could compete for your attention at 10, but nothing that can’t be DVR’ed. Head over to ABC after getting a chuckle from 2 Broke Girls.


A quick list of what you should DVR for further consideration:

1) 9pm – Ringer – If you missed the premier, now is your time to try and catch up. You may end up disliking it, but at least you can easily remove it if that’s the case.

2) 10pm – Playboy Club – I’m a sucker for period pieces and this one may be alright. It just needs to go a little bit further then what most likely started out as “What if we put it at the playboy club” in the pitch meeting.

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  1. Cohen

    I watched the pilot for Ringer, I feel like they crammed a whole seasons worth of issues in to one episode…not really sure if I want to stick around for more. I’ll give it one more episode.

    I’ll be checking out How I Met Your Mother and the Sing Off thanks to the wife and I’m slightly curious about H8R even though I’m sure it will be terrible. Overall…I think Mondays will be spent on Netflix/Xbox/Photoshop/CrackRock

  2. Beast_Mode

    All of these shows make me want to rip my eyes out.
    A show about playboy bunnies and no nudity? I dont see this show lasting a month. Either way, I dont watch these kind of shows. I watch good shit.

  3. Beast_Mode

    looks like playboy club just got canceled…

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