I’m a Mac fanboy in a microsoft world

I have a macbook pro, it was given to me by my work and I use it for work I do at home and some other things around the house. I have videos and music on my laptop that I would love to watch on my TV or listen to over my stereo, but I’m not getting an Apple TV, why? I don’t need it. What I do have is an XBox and I want it to do everything, is that asking so much?

So here is the deal, I have an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that I wanted to watch tonight, so the hunt was on. How many crazy hacks do I have to do to watch this video, how much time do I need to spend in my terminal to make this work.

The answer? None. Nada. Zilch. I found the Connect 360 by Nullriver. I downloaded it, I installed it (it works itself into your preference pane), I opened my xbox, went to my media and to my surprise, my macbook was listed. Now I expected it to be a pain. I clicked my TV Shows folder, clicked my Curb video and boom. Playing. I’m now happily watching my video and barely had to do anything.

  • Micah G

    That’s pretty amazing actually. I like that this, and for the same reason I am also in the Mac camp, because it’s easy. However, I am still too cheap to buy videos/episodes and hate pirating/torrenting/downloading viruses so I don’t really have a use for this at the moment, but still super cool.

    Speaking of Apple TV, I’m actually planning on getting it because Apple has this strange ability to sell products that I don’t think I need and then they fuse into my livelyhood like a Mass Effect bionics upgrade.

  • Pilx

    This is happening all over…the easy integration of Mac and PC’s. Sadly I feel Mac is still over priced. I think the OS is great and the hardware is top notch but an equally matched PC is 50% of what a Mac costs. Not sure how I can justify that cost personally…but if a Mac Pro falls in my lap (ouch) I won’t complain.

    I’m leaning towards Google TV at the moment though…still waiting things out a bit.

  • Wow this is so much easier than what I’ve been doing : putting my videos on a flash drive and plugging it into the xbox.

    Thank you, you have kept my couch integrity intact, I now have no reason to move.

    • matt

      your randomly assigned avatar is amazing.

  • This actually sounds easier than getting the Zune library to share with the 360.

  • matt

    It was