Comic-Con 2014: Game On! (Full List Of Video Game Programming)

Comic-Con 2014: Game On! (Full List of Video Game Programming)

Comic-Con-LogoWhile not nearly as massive as PAX in terms of its video game related programming, Comic-Con has been steadily adding more video game related content year after year. This year Comic-Con has dozens of panels to satisfy your video game hunger. Sadly, indie games haven’t really made their way to Comic-Con as of yet, but it’s only a matter of time before indie games crash the party.

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Rated NA 105: A Marvelous Repartee On The Virtues Of The Xbone

Rated NA 105: A marvelous repartee on the virtues of the xbone

The gang is back at full strength again to talk about the newly announced Xbox One. We give our reactions to the press event, talk about the features of the system, and try to make some sense of the Internet response. In the NAQOTW, you tell us ONE thing you liked and ONE thing you didn’t like about the new system. “Give it a second… it’s going to space.”

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Rated NA 102: Wish You Were Here!

Rated NA 102: Wish you were here!

The gang is back together again for the first regular podcast of the new Rated NA Century! We talk a little Hero Academy, Nintendo, New Xbox, Beyond: Two Souls, and Oxyana. We review Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Adera (ft. Ali Hillis) and Oblivion. SPOILER ALERT: Bioshock Infinite spoiler talk (54:20 – 1:08:07). Finally, a great NAQOTW where you tell us what you love about where you are! Wish you were here!

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Rated NA 93: Size-appropriate Triceratops

Rated NA 93: Size-appropriate triceratops

The gang is back together, which can only mean one thing… more singing! We also discuss the Xbox UI, System Shock 2 on GOG, Aliens Colonial Marines, and streaming possibilities on the PS4. Hilary takes Flight and Matt gathers around Magic 2013 on XBLA. Finally, you help us assemble a team to save the Earth from an asteroid apocalypse in our NAQOTW. Thank you for being a friend.

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Rated NA 65: Underpants Pop Filter

Rated NA 65: Underpants pop filter

We achieve audio engineering excellence as we talk about Microsoft Surface, Xbox, Amazon TV, Nintendo 3DS XL and the much anticipated Mass Effect Extended Cut. We review Brave, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker, Beseiged 2, and continue the Summer Game Pile series. Finally, your responses about your jobs in the Star Wars universe. Silky Smooth!

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