Rated NA 105: A marvelous repartee on the virtues of the xbone



The gang is back at full strength again to talk about the newly announced Xbox One. We give our reactions to the press event, talk about the features of the system, and try to make some sense of the Internet response. In the NAQOTW, you tell us ONE thing you liked and ONE thing you didn’t like about the new system.

Rated NA 105

Alternate podcast title: Everything is amazing and nobody is happy



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  1. Fluidfyre

    I completely agree with N7baker (sorry that’s the name I remember). I don’t know what entertainment integration is going to be available in Canada, so I don’t really want to get excited about something if I’m not even going to be able to use it.

  2. Nate Hales

    While I agree with most of Hilary’s points about games sharing vs. all sharing, I think Sony’s point was a little more focused than that. To me the difference in opinions between Sony and Microsoft are that Sony is getting back to making a game system about games for gamers and the gaming experience, Microsoft is looking to be a media hub in your living room for people who play games and people who don’t. Different strategies, not right or wrong.

    The server stuff was mind blowing.

    Now go cash your M$ paychecks FANBOIS (and GURL)! <3

  3. Dibol

    I never cared for sports, nor TV for the sheer fact that there’s barely anything I like out there. On the TV front, I’m stuck with NCIS re-runs, Castle re-runs (both of which I would willingly own hard-copy DVDs of if money weren’t a problem), and for the current TV seasons, only Walking Dead and The Killing interest me.

    On the gaming front: I already started losing interest in the market long before Mass Effect 3 got released, and that was basically supposed to be my last game for this gen. This was long before XCom: Enemy Unknown, Sleeping Dogs, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and Colonial Marines got released on the days they did. As it is for the upcoming releases, only Saints Row IV is catching my interest, and I’m on the fence about Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Not buying Arkham Origins just for the fact it’s a prequel. With prequels, something has to be hamfisted to make the story fit with Asylum and City, and there’s no tension involved.) . As it is now, it’s already hard enough for me to invest $65 for potential disappointments, much less 10-hour long games. I only liked military shooters, military science fiction, not to mention my sandbox game tastes are very limited (Enjoy Saints Row 3 over its two previous games, Sleeping Dogs is my only favorite sandbox game compared to the GTAs) but even then, they just started becoming generic since 2009.

    I never intended to buy the next generation games, and with how the press conference came about, not to mention the aftermath of it with the always-online, the DRM practices, and whatnot, I’m not changing my mind. PC gaming is not an option for me since A. I don’t have the time to research the hardware parts, and B. I don’t have the cash to spare to buy said parts. C. I am not interested in getting digital games that have an artificial time-limit involved. Good luck playing those games if Valve suddenly goes bankrupt and can’t maintain Steam whenever that day comes; same thing goes for CDProjekt Red with having a similar situation with

    BTW, a Daily authentication is pretty much the same as always online. If I happen to lose internet for an entire weekend, I’m screwed over from playing the game.

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