Rated NA 120: We Are Nerd Appropriate

Rated NA 120: We are Nerd Appropriate

Welcome to listeners, both new and loyal. The gang gets back together after a busy PAX Prime to talk Dragon Age Inquisition, new movies set in the Potter universe, Legend of Dungeon, and Europa Report. We play a couple of games based around Fall TV and fantasy football. We also talk about the news you are most excite for in DAI in our NAQOTW. Nug love!

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Rated NA 105: A Marvelous Repartee On The Virtues Of The Xbone

Rated NA 105: A marvelous repartee on the virtues of the xbone

The gang is back at full strength again to talk about the newly announced Xbox One. We give our reactions to the press event, talk about the features of the system, and try to make some sense of the Internet response. In the NAQOTW, you tell us ONE thing you liked and ONE thing you didn’t like about the new system. “Give it a second… it’s going to space.”

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