Rated NA 102: Wish you were here!


The gang is back together again for the first regular podcast of the new Rated NA Century! We talk a little Hero Academy, Nintendo, New Xbox, Beyond: Two Souls, and Oxyana. We review Dark Arisen, Adera (ft. Ali Hillis) and Oblivion. SPOILER ALERT: Bioshock Infinite spoiler talk (54:20 – 1:08:07). Finally, a great NAQOTW where you tell us what you love about where you are! Wish you were here!

Rated NA 102

Special thanks to @MrSlikk for the view on 102.

Alternate podcast title: Beating the dragon.





Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. Rinu

    At what time do you speak about Bioshock Infinite’s spoilers, circa?

    1. Scott

      Got you covered, see note above.

      1. Rinu

        Great, thanks!

  2. Nate Hales

    Omaha rules. Also, that story, Scott, was Ash caliber. Well done sire. WELL DONE.

    1. Scott

      Um thanks?! =) Obviously not too strange for public conversation within earshot of others.

  3. Scott

    Post updated! Bioshock spoiler talk is approx. (54:20 – 1:08:07). Listen for the Spoiler Reaper, you can’t miss it =)

  4. justin

    thanks NA crew for the love. here’s links for two nerdy pics from the big day that i think you guys will like.

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