Rated NA 103: Yub Nub


A slow news week can’t keep the gang down on this May the Fourth / Free Comic Book Day celebration. We talk Shadow of the Eternals, High Heavens, Dragon Age: World of Thedas, The Elite, Star Command, and Far Cry: Blood Dragon. Ash regales us with takes of D&D, and you tell us your go-to fantasy RPG class. Utini!

Rated NA 103


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  1. Fluidfyre

    Whaaa the Arcane Warrior in DA was my favourite specialization! It was a bit weak at low levels I admit, but then you become practically unstoppable.

    1. Ash

      It worked, but you essentially became a giant glowing Christmas tree that spammed one or two abilities. I understood what they were going for, but I felt like the traditional warrior classes were much more fun to play. Note: Even bad Dragon Age is great everything else.

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