Rated NA 101: Intro to Ali Hillis


We welcome the awesome and talented Ali Hillis back to the podcast. Ali was one of our very first interviews way back in early 2011 (linkage), and for some reason she actually kept in touch.  This time around she takes us through her origin story, how she got into acting and video games, and her love of animal rescue. Our chat concludes in a rapid fire session we call the Lightning round… get it?! If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Star Craft, Kid Icarus, Gears of War, or FUSE then you’re probably already a fan of Ali. Finally, Rated NA responds to a challenge of our PC gaming cred. By the goddess!

Rated NA 101

If you’re a fan of Ali like we are, make sure you follow her on Twitter @missalihillis and harass her on a regular basis.


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. Rinu

    This podcast changed my entire life!

    I love this episode. It was informative (fake names, really?), aww-tastic (I’m not sure I’m tough enough to check out the Sarah McLachlan reference) and crazy at once. Great mix.

    As for VA fangirlism, I’m so there. I’m playing XCOM:EU for some time and I recently found out that Kimberly Brooks and Courtney Taylor and my immediate reaction was “Yaaay!”. I’m not sure anymore if I’m rooting for voice actors and just happy to have them in my game, lol.
    Probably both.

    And I finally finished my first Final Fantasy last week – XIII – and combo Rachel Robinson, Ali Hillis and Reno Wilson was just wow. Easily the highlight of that installment. I mean after being surrounded by übercute Chocobos. And before you ask why starting with FF13 – yes, because of Ali’s Lightning. I know, fangirl. I will try to amend it by playing FF8 soon. By the way, I would love to see that mancave.

    Liara’s Revenge sounds like something I’d play :P.

    And it’s sad to hear that Ali’s dog passed away. Seeing how much she gives to dogs, the journey to that final moment had to be full of love. 🙂

    Oh, and before I forget – Be sure to check out . Both Ali Hillis and Jennifer Hale are in.

    1. Rinu

      Oops, I promise to save e-trees next time.

  2. Nate Hales

    MORE ADVANCED GAMERS! Whoa Hilary, WHOA. I play on my PC (superior graphics and gameplay) from my couch on my 60 inch flat screen with 7.1 surround. IT IS ON PEOPLE. ON LIKE DONKEY FREAKING KONG.

    Terms to be discussed.

    Also, sorry it’s late. I am behind.

    1. Ash

      This also proves you’re the only one that actually listens to our show.. haha

      1. Nate Hales

        I say a public shaming is in order.

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