Rated NA 100

Rated NA 100: Victory


Episode 100 ! What else is there to say? I couldn’t be more proud of how far we’ve come, more astonished that people listen… and continue to listen, and more energized for what we’ve yet to create. We forego the usual shenanigans to answer your questions about everything and anything Nerd Appropriate, and look back at the last 100 episodes. Also, in our NAQOTW, your responses to our signature question (we answer it too). Thank you for all of your tweets, likes, comments, and continued support, it means more to us than we can ever express in words.

Rated NA 100


Bonus: Haven’t deciphered our thinly veiled references to a certain character from a certain sci-fi film? Enjoy this bonus cover art, courtesy of @pL4tiNumfi5t

100 bonus


Hi, I’m one of the founders of Nerd Appropriate and the Rated NA podcast.

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  1. Fluidfyre

    Scott’s tender meat. Oh you guys. Of course this is the only thing I got from the podcast, right? Or something about getting it up. Hmm….

    I was really happy when you joined the podcast, Hilary 🙂 Er, am still happy about it I mean!

    Your research just sounds soooo coool, Scott. You’re setting up to be a tragic character in a video game whose back story we gradually learn about, fighting through an army of intelligent robots.

    1. Scott

      It wouldn’t be Rated NA if you weren’t left with a terrible pun of some sort.

      I’m just trying to close the gap between humans and robots… you know, so that Robopocalypse doesn’t happen.

      And is it ok if we do an 80’s or 90’s style rap about nerdery? I feel like a hoedown just isn’t in our wheelhouse.

      1. Fluidfyre

        So do you sympathize pretty heavily about EDI/Joker’s romance?

        Wellllll the rap would work, but we’d need pics of your four in appropriate attire.

        1. Scott

          Oh yeah… I chose synthesis.

          Attire? I have a hard time choosing between post-80’s


          or early-90’s


          Interestingly enough, both came out in 1992… decisions.

  2. shockwaver

    Congratulations everyone! Hope you guys are around for another 100.

    1. Ash

      See you in Seattle!

  3. mattna

    we’ve referenced this a bunch so I’m posting it here. Warning, some pretty serious adult language……………..in 5, 4, 3……

  4. Carlo

    Congrats again! Another fun episode that made for a more enjoyable crosstown commute.

    1. Ash

      Thank you Carlo for sticking with us!

  5. Rinu

    Happy anniversary! Thank you for all podcasts. I’m not able to listen to them all (offline .mp3s for traveling needed! :D) but you’re only audio show I keep track of.

    Your enthusiasm and pleasantness are really contagious. I used to be more or less serious about games and my other nerdy hobbies however NA was a part of realization I should concentrate on what makes me to like them in first place instead of being absorbed in analyzing issues. These creations are awesome and there are never enough positive words describing what people behind them give us, or just me.

    I look forward to listen what you have up your sleeve ;).

    1. Ash


      Thank you SO much for this thoughtful reply. We do our best to leave our baggage at the door when we record.

      In terms of what we have up our sleeves… We can’t wait to share when the time is right.

      Again, thank you very much for hanging in there and listening to our show!

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