Rated NA 124: Enter The Holla-deck

Rated NA 124: Enter the Holla-deck

The gang returns to talk GTA V Online, Marve’s Agents of SHIELD, Beyond Two Souls, Steam controllers, and more. Hilary plans for con-panel world domination, while Matt and Scott talk about the new Steam controller and nerd sports. Finally, we ask you about how we will be interacting with games in the future in our NAQOTW, and Ash tells us the truth about holodecks.

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Rated NA 102: Wish You Were Here!

Rated NA 102: Wish you were here!

The gang is back together again for the first regular podcast of the new Rated NA Century! We talk a little Hero Academy, Nintendo, New Xbox, Beyond: Two Souls, and Oxyana. We review Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Adera (ft. Ali Hillis) and Oblivion. SPOILER ALERT: Bioshock Infinite spoiler talk (54:20 – 1:08:07). Finally, a great NAQOTW where you tell us what you love about where you are! Wish you were here!

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