G4’s Jump City Seattle: Do we really need a CG Spiderman?

In recent years free running, or “parkour” has exploded around the world.  From 007 to Mirror’s Edge this new extreme sport has captured the attention of nerds and ninja fans everywhere.  Until now no series has actually documented how these extreme athletes train, and how they get to be “the best there is at what they do”.  G4’s new reality series Jump City Seattle follows Seattle’s best free runners and their incredibly ninja like behavior.  Check out these amazing athletes in action on Conan ,and ask yourself, “Do we really need a CG Spiderman?”

Answer: No, no we don’t.

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  1. ChrisSisley

    When the first Spider-Man came out almost ten years ago, CGI was one of the only options to create Spidey’s signature moves. With parkour’s huge spike in popularity in the last few years, I’d be very surprised if Marc Webb and team didn’t take notice and incorporate free running in “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

    I’m so tired of over processed movies like Transformers and Tron: Legacy. It’d be refreshing to see actors and/or stunt people actually doing the work instead of the filmmakers relying on post production to deliver those epic action sequences we crave in these types of films.

  2. Ash

    I agree with you totally sir. Seeing Indiana Jones and Star Wars weakened by CG, it would be refreshing to see some actual stunts performed by actual humans. CG is cool and all but the above clip shows that humans can pull this stuff off pretty damn well.

  3. Nick

    I agree with both of you. I miss action stars that actually did the action.

    the lady and I watched American Ninja Warrior that had from I can spot two of those guys on it. It’s insane the amount of strength they have.

    I will be checking out the new show.

  4. haleyxvader

    Don’t forget District 13 ( – dare I say the best parkour movie ever?

  5. Cohen

    I caught this the other day while flipping channels and added it to my DVR list.

    I remember back in Highschool, joking around with friends about Freestyle Walking. Jumping off tables and giving ridiculous names to moves we would come up with. Obviously some of those kids are now extremely strong, have balls of steel and have gone from jumping tables to leaping off buildings.

    It’s interesting to see the similarities of the parkour scene to where skateboarding was years ago. I’m curious to see if G4’s involvement in the whole culture spurs a big movement with kids all wanting to flip over trash cans, or if it just remains a novelty for most to watch on Ninja Warrior.

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