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Netflix is now Qwikster…sort of?

The Netflix of DVDs!

Well now you did it. You got all huffy about the DVD price being split from the streaming price and you made Netflix sad. On the heels of their stock drop from announcing that they are shedding around 1 million users (20% of that streaming, the other 80% DVD), Netflix announced this morning that they are splitting the DVD service off entirely and spinning it into a newly branded company. Qwikster. No you didn’t read that wrong, and my spell check will never forgive me for it. Netflix has decided it will be less confusing for you to manage two queues of services, one for DVD mailing and one for instant. You will receive two bills from two companies each month. That is if you decide to keep both.

I still make relatively heavy use of Netflix DVD, but the tides may be changing. My thoughts on this are somewhat divided, ironically. On one hand, I get it. It will be less confusing for all down the line if you have two separate services that do two decidedly different things. On the other, this makes it feel much easier to drop the DVD service, or not pick it up at all in the first place. What is the draw now? Will people keep this or does Netflix see a trend towards streaming that they are whole heartedly embracing and sending the DVD by mail service off to pasture.

They jokingly add in the press release that there are no price changes going on, this is purely a branding, corporate decision. So you won’t have to worry about another $2 hike, God forbid.

The question then, is does this matter? Have you already made your decision? Are you dropping DVD’s? Does a snappy name like Qwikster make more sense to you, so now you’ll be keeping it?

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  1. justin

    as long as i get my dvds, i don’t care what they call it.

  2. Cohen

    Another step closer to the future, see ya physical media. As much as I like having something in my hands I feel like this not the way things are trending and Netflix knows that. I think, like you suggested Matt…DVDs are being put out to pasture. Split from them now, get it done. When the DVDs finally die you just kill the Qwikster brand. If people want to pay for it while it slowly dies they’ll gladly take the money.

  3. Scott

    Agreed. What a bunch of babies… I’m talking about folks that were mad about the price hike in the first place. And by “mad” I actually mean mad.

    See, here’s the difference. Netflix announced the price increase, I evaluated the value, and decided to cancel DVDs… because I’m an adult.

    Everyone who whined and complained, shame on you. Netflix announced the price change, explained it to you, gave you 2 months to prepare, then apologized for it, then changed the brand entirely.

    Your cable company would have changed the price while sending you a cryptic postcard with fine print on it. Your satellite provider would have given you the finger since you’re stuck in a contract anyhow. So for those that are mad at netflix, you’ve got no one but yourself to blame for not supporting a halfway decent service. Enjoy creating separate accounts to Stars-Flix, Disney-flix, NFL-flix, and ABC-flix.

    Of course, CBS will never have a TV-based streaming service because only old people watch CBS, and as we all know, old people are confused by the internet.

    PS. Reed Hastings – you made no mistake, you owe us no further explanation. I look forward to reviewing your gaming options when they become available.

    1. matt

      Whew…if you’re this angry on vacation, I’d hate to see you when you’re home. haha. 🙂

      1. Scott

        Just haven’t had a chance to write in a few days. feels good.

    2. Ryan

      Here here

    3. Ryan

      As far as gaming options go, I feel like Redbox may have beaten them to the punch with this; of course there is the appeal of no set return date or late fees. I guess the content library will determine the better service.

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