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63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards tonight: Nerd Appropriate makes some picks

63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Well the Fall TV schedule kicks off tomorrow, but tonight we celebrate last year. The Emmy’s are on Fox this year, hosted by Glee’s Jane Lynch. Should you care? I think there are some interesting nominations this year and wanted to run down our top 5 picks for the night.

1) Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series:

Our pick: Louis C.K. – Louis

Who will probably win: Steve Carell – The Office

It’s Carell’s swan song of a year. While he was great, Louis had some of the most emotional, amazing moments on TV last year.

2) Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Our pick: Amy Poehler – Parks and Rec

Who will probably win: Edie Falco

No one, and I mean no one shows more heart and character as a female lead in a show then Poehler does as the infectious Lesley Knope. Edie Falco though, is an awards darling and will most likely take this one home again.

3) Comedy Series

Our Pick: Modern Family

Who Will Probably Win: Glee

Glee is a damn powerhouse. I’ve watched it, I don’t love it or hate it. It’s just kind of soap opera-ey and I want a bit more out of my TV. If Glee didn’t exist, I have a feeling Big Bang Theory would win. It is adored by critics and awards shows, but I don’t think they’ll take it this year. When it comes to well written, watchable , funny shows, Modern Family can’t be beat in my book.

4) Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series

Our Pick: The Daily Show

Who Will Probably Win: The Daily Show

I love Jimmy Fallon, never miss SNL, and always watch the Colbert Report. I think Conan is suffering from being on TBS (not in quality, but in viewership) and Maher is a long shot. The Daily Show is always spot on when it comes to political comedy and it is no surprise they revisit this award year in and year out.

5) Drama Series

Our Pick: Friday Night Lights

Who will probably win: The Good Wife

While Game of Thrones is the obvious nerd pick, I’d like to see Friday Night Lights snag an award FINALLY for it’s final season, but it most likely will not. I have a sneaking suspicion that the ONLY network show in the category will take this one home if they can beat out Mad Men.

So there you have it. We hope you enjoy the Emmy’s tonight, I’ll be flicking back and forth between it and Sunday Night Football. Coming soon is the download for our TV death watch and daily previews of what is shaping up to be a great fall season of TV. TV is back, and I for one am super excited.