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Up Front and Center: Fall TV 2011

The major networks recently revealed their TV lineups for the upcoming season. So, let’s jump right into it — Is this going to be a bad year for nerdy (sci-fi or otherwise) programming? I’ve done enough complaining about it in the past, and maybe it’s just my bad luck, but most of the stuff I like gets cancelled — The Cape, Lie to Me, Human Target, and V all appear to have received the ax. Pile all that on top of (for me) Undercovers, Caprica, Terminator SCC, Persons Unknown, The Event, Life on Mars etc. and I’m really starting to lose interest in following new TV series all together. I’d almost rather wait for a series or season to finish and just stream it in the summer time.

But for some reason I keep coming back for more. Thankfully, we’ve still got Fringe (for now) and there’s two new JJ projects slated for next season: Person of Interest and Alcatraz. There’s also a new comedy starting Zoey Deschanel and a pair of fairy tale inspired dramas (really?). Personally, I’m hoping that Awake will live up to this excellent trailer…


The NA crew worked our way through half of the new lineup in Episode 26 (to be posted soon) and will round up the second half in a future podcast. Because of the pace at which new shows get cancelled were keeping a death watch of sorts this year. And now we turn it over to you. Have you looked at the Fall lineup? What are you excited about? What shows do you love and are worried about? Will Blood and Chrome meet the same fate as Caprica? Although the links below are for the big 4 networks, feel free to discuss any of your TV thoughts below for Fall 2011.

NBC Fall 2011 lineup

CBS Fall 2011 lineup

FOX Fall 2011 lineup

ABC Fall 2011 lineup


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  1. Ash

    Some good stuff coming up. Really weak showing for science fiction and fantasy though. Grimm does not stand a chance…

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