Best Friends Forever: Goal Met! Your Future May Include P-I-Z-Z-A!

So there you have it!  After a ton of amusing videos and some great guerrilla campaigning our buddy Brea Grant’s upcoming feature film Best Friends Forever met its $75,000.00 kickstarter goal this afternoonl!  As we promised on Twitter, if you happened to donate some of your hard earned shillings to the Best Friends Forever kickstarter campaign AND happen to be in San Diego this summer for Comic Con International, then we owe you some delicious pizza pie!  Now we literally have none of the details ironed out yet, but both Brea Grant and Stacey Storey mentioned that they may join us for a slice (schedule permitting).  So how do you secure yourself a piece of pizza?  Easy as pie (get it)! First, send us a simple screen shot like the one above that proves that you’re a backer.  Attach the image to an e-mail along with a link to your kickstarter profile and send it to We’ll make sure there is enough pizza to feed your awesome face!  I’ll also do my best to work on getting some more *surprise* guests to show up to the yet-to-be-planned event.  If you haven’t donated yet… do it!  This is free pizza we’re talking about here.

Oh yeah! Best Friends Forever is giving away all sorts of great rewards (other than pizza) for helping out. So head on over to Best Friends Forever’s kickstarter campaign page a look at the loot!

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  1. Staceystorey

    Thanks, Ash and Nerd Appropriate! Pizza AND SDCC…exPlosion for one’s mind grapes.

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