Best Friends Forever: Send Help to Prevent Canicide!

Since we last posted about our buddy Brea Grant’s upcoming feature film Best Friends Forever, their kickstarter campaign has picked up a lot steam with donations from all around the world.  With only SIX days left, they need a bit more of our help to cover post-production costs (they shot on expensive 16mm).  As you guys are probably well aware, if their goal of 75K isn’t met, all of the funding goes *poof*.  Now for a confession.  Long ago I made a “horror film” with some of my closest friends and family, and while it only cost us a few thousand dollars to make, it gave me a new found respect for film directors everywhere.  No matter how easy it looks to make a film, trust me, it’s not.  When I got wind that Brea was working a feature film, I got damn excited.  Her comic series We Will Bury You was one of my favorite zombie tales in recent years, and I was eager to see what else that brain could dream up.  So here is your mission!  Donate a few bucks to Best Friends Forever’s kickstarter campaign and help support kick-ass independent film making.   Also, take a look at a grim future where site alumni Alison Haislip is forced to eat her adorable canine companion if the goal is not met.  Can you really allow this to happen?

Oh yeah! Best Friends Forever is giving away all sorts of great rewards for helping out. So head on over to Best Friends Forever’s kickstarter campaign page a look at the plunder!

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  1. mattna

    Not the puppy!

  2. Ash

    Yes, the puppy!

  3. Stacey Storey

    Thanks for supporting our film, Best Friends Forever!  I know I can speak for all of us when I say…we appreciate you, the backing, and the love!

    1. Ash

      Stacey, thanks for your kind words.  Brea was one of the first people to “have our backs” when our site was still brand new.  Because of this we’ll always be supportive of her projects and will do our best to help out.  We have some more backup planned as time ticks away.  I’m sure you guys will reach your goal!

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