PAX Prime 2012: Registration – You Broke PAX!?

See you there! ...... hopefully

Technology can’t keep up with the dedication and rabid loyalty of convention goers these days.  First, SDCC registration was shut down for months due to the speed and ferocity of registration, and now PAX: Prime registration too has been shattered and broken.  Keep your eyes on the offical PAX Twitter feed as well as for details as to when registration will reopen.

04-25-12  Registration Update

Here’s where we’re at:

  • #1. We tried a new registration vendor this year. It….didn’t work out. We are going back to our previous vendor and registration should be set up next week.
  • #2. For those of you who have successfully registered, we’ll shoot you an email next week to confirm your registration.
  • #3. We’re really sorry about this =(.