Thundercats Hoooo

First look at the new Thundercats!

Have a look at this picture just taken from the London Toy Fare.  That’s right, this is the first image taken of the all new Thundercats.  Growing up Thundercats was pretty special to me. I would wake up early each and every morning before school started to catch the reruns of Thundercats on local cable. During recess we would all take turns swinging from the monkey bars pretending to be the various thunder cats. Sadly, I was often given the character of Snarf. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this new series will be just as magical for today’s rug rats as the original was for me… many…many years ago.

Panthro has been doing some push ups.

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  1. Filtymcnasty

    Don’t touch that blasted samophlange!! “WTF is a samophlange!?”

    1. Ash

      Those audio clips are so legendary. I still drop “samophlange” at least once a month.

  2. Filtymcnasty

    Btw, your site is comin together nicely Chief! I’m spreadin the word around a bit 😀

    1. Ash

      Thanks man, we have some major things coming out in Feb. Really appreciate you reading and posting.

  3. mayyoke


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