My 1st GeekGirlCon Wrap-Up By Missmayyoke

My 1st GeekGirlCon Wrap-Up by Missmayyoke

Hey! Melissa here recapping what was an empowering female convention for us female nerds – GEEKGIRLCON 2013!

I attended with Ash’s wife/my sister, Christina. It was her first time in Seattle and my first trip back in over ten years so we trampled around a bit and caused some mischief of our own.

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Tuneage: Form And Shape Sends Us On An Auditory Galactic Journey

Tuneage: Form and Shape Sends us on an Auditory Galactic Journey

very once in a while we encounter a new band that we can’t help but talk about. Form and Shape’s album My Conquest is the Sea of Stars sends listeners on an auditory journey through deep space with ominous beats in all the right places. If you’ve ever imagined what sort of music people might listen to while traveling at light speed on a starship, the answer is Form and Shape.

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Allie ‘CossbySweater’ Goertz Sings A Tale Of Middle Earth

Allie ‘CossbySweater’ Goertz Sings a Tale of Middle Earth

We’ve been following the adventures of Allie ‘CossbySweater’ Goertz since we first became smitten with her incredibly catchy love letter to Dungeons and Dragons (tonight). In the months since we first featured “Tonight”, you may have heard Allie’s work several times on our podcast Rated NA.  Being huge fans of fantasy, wizards, unicorns, and hobbits we’re elated to share Allie’s latest opus with you all. Enjoy The Hobbit Song, hairy feet and all.

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