A Moog on the Goog’

Today marks the late Bob Moog’s 78th birthday, founder of Moog synths and gadgets, and life-giver to all prog-rock keyboardists everywhere. In honor of the late Mr. Moog today’s Google Doodle is a full-fledged working synth, similiar to the monophonic awesomeness of the Moog Prodigy. All the dials and buttons work, just as they would on an actual keyboard (or actual ‘virtual midi plugin’). You can even play the keyboard with… um… your keyboard. So goodbye to your productivity.

Oh, and for the record, the title of this post, “Moog on the Goog’ ” is something of a false rhyme. You see, Google is pronounced like “goo” but Moog is actually pronounced like “mode”… and knowing is half the battle. #funfacts

Thanks Bob, for everything. -Scott


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