Beyond Good & Evil Coming To XBLA

Beyond Good & Evil coming to XBLA

This February the cult classic, Beyond Good and Evil, makes a return to the console in HD. Although critically acclaimed, it was commercial flop, leaving those who did play the game clamoring for a sequel. And, unless you are content to play nothing but FPS-inspired sequels for the foreseeable future of disc-based games you’ll want to support the dwindling number of quality, novel experiences like this one.

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Mass Effect 2 Final DLC Dated… Sort Of.

Mass Effect 2 final DLC dated… Sort of.

Hey all, it appears that the story of Mass Effect 2 is not quite over. I’ve been wanting to post about the new DLC for ages, but solid information was scarce, and speculative at best. All we had were tid-bits of infomation leaked onto the web by random devs who were mentioning things they probably weren’t at liberty to discuss. It was like decrypting the fucking Zodiac cypher.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – What Class Will You Be Playing ? (a Novel)

Star Wars: The Old Republic – what class will you be playing ? (a novel)

With SWTOR slated for Q1 2011 many of us are already within its “force grip”, so to speak. I have friends that ask me on a weekly basis what class and specialization I plan on playing, so I figured I may as well make a list for those that haven’t yet decided what to roll. Enjoy this compilation of information gathered from a variety of resources that may make the decision a bit easier.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Now With Commander Shepard!

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Now with Commander Shepard!

This Christmas eve let us celebrate an amazing Bioware crossover event. For a while now I’ve been hearing rumors that the best female voice actress in the biz, Jennifer Hale was going to be the voice of the Trooper class in Bioware’s upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well with this X-mas eve trailer those rumors have been confirmed! (Click to behold greatness)

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Do Video Games Need “Hype Men”?

Do video games need “Hype Men”?

In recent years some developers have taken it upon themselves to become “Hype men” for their respective companies. Now let’s get one thing straight, if I worked on a AAA title that looked like Bulletstorm, you bet I would hype the living hell out of it. The question however is, have the devs over at Epic and People Can Fly gone too far? Is this latest “hype” filled video for Bulletstorm dumbing down the talent of some amazing artists and programmers?

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