Bulletstorm Party

Bulletstorm’s new trailer kicks Halo fans in the junk.

Epic games released a new “trailer” for their upcoming kill-happy FPS Bulletstorm. The new “trailer” (finger quotes) does an excellent job at poking fun of Bungie’s very famous Halo: Diorama trailer from a few years back.

There have always been two very distinct camps; those that love Halo, and those that love Gears of War. Just when you thought there may be peace, Epic goes and throws down the proverbial nerd gauntlet. This video is pretty much the equivalent of a hip hop “diss”.

Epic’s New Bulletstorm “trailer”

And the original Halo: Diorama trailer.

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  1. Ryan

    I think that’s the first time I’ve seen “Use of Alcohol” in a video game rating.

    Also, Epic, way to be timely with this stuff. Halo 3 was, what, 2 Halo games ago? Maybe their next trailer can mock Tetris. As awesome as this game probably will be, their marketing has already made me not want to play it. I feel like they should bundle it with an Affliction shirt and a bottle of Four Loko.

  2. Scott

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

    And I agree with Ryan, if this game doesn’t come bundled with Disturbed’s greatest hits album so that every time enemies appear on the screen I can hear “Ouh–ah-Ah-AH!”, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

  3. Cohen

    Part of me really wants to play this game.

  4. matt

    I feel like I need to make a comment mentioning something about this game being packaged with a flat brimmed red yankees hat to be worn backwards, a copy of limp bizkits best of, and some date rape drugs.

    1. Ryan

      I assume by “best of” you’re referring to their entire discography.

      You are, of course, the only reason I ever listened to Limp Bizkit. You’re the one to thank/blame.

  5. Ryan

    How shocked will you NOT be when one of our packaging jokes actually turns out to be reality.

    Buy the limited edition of Bulletstorm and get a free bottle of Axe shampoo and Ed Hardy cologe (which is a real thing)

  6. Cohen


    This can be a reality if we get 12 people in on this ($5 covers the cost of the game)

    1. Beast_Mode

      im in. i love mt. dew!

    2. Ryan

      Awesome. You’ve won the thread.

  7. Ash

    This thread was making me laugh my ass off at work. Thank you for that. Going to post Pilx’s amazing art in just a moment. Despite me agreeing with a lot of what you are all saying, I’m still buying this game on day 1. It looks like a lot of fun.

  8. helloscientist

    Who’s excited for the demo on Jan 25th?

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