Want to Play Gears of War 3 Early? …. in a Walmart parking lot in the back of a semi-truck….

You wake up to find yourself in the back of a dimly lit semi-truck in the parking lot of a suburban Wal-Mart super center. Have you been murdered? Nope! You just played Gears of War 3 early! Through some strange cross-marketing Microsoft is bringing semi-trucks filled with Gears 3 to a Walmart near you. Click HERE to find out if they’re coming to your city. Also, if you go inside your local Wal-Mart you’ll for sure get to see some of THIS *(I don’t know if I’d click that if I were you).

Gears 3 May be coming your way early... to Walmart


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  1. Micah G

    Venice and Sarasota… the true epicenter of Florida youth.

  2. Scott

    Walmart is starting up a cloud based gaming service via their website for customers to preview and purchase games — my guess is that the cult retailer will most likely benefit from the cross-promotion here.

  3. Ash

    I think it’s cool that EPIC is doing this, but I think they’re going about it the wrong way.. It’s like bringing a traveling art show to a Dennys.

  4. Micah G

    You would be surprised… the Denny’s next to Elena’s place in Port Chartlotte is pretty classy:

    I don’t remember if HTML works in these posts or not, so here is the naked link:

    1. Micah G

      Ohh, it links it if you just paste the address… very fancy.

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