Bulletstorm demo confirmed for Jan 25th.

Demo Drops Jan 25th

Can’t get enough of being called “dick-tits” or “limp dick retard”?  Well on January 25th you can download the demo for Epic’s latest bloodbath on X-Box Live and PSN.  The Bulletstorm demo means that you’ll finally get to see if the game is good enough to stand behind its gung-ho marketing campaign.  I for one think the game is going to be a blast, but don’t really love how it’s being presented.  After watching the latest trailer (below), I’m convinced that their version of “Horde” will hold me over until I get my hands on the Gears 3 Beta… Oh yeah, you also get some in game rewards for simply trying the game out..

  • The Crimson Leash
  • Stealth Armor

What does the demo get you?

You’ll get to play Echo Mode (where you try and get the best score possible) and will get to test fire three weapons from the single player campaign.

Not bad for the low low price of zero dollars!

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  1. Scott

    You know what I don’t see a lot of in these demos, enemies shooting back at you. So is the challenge of the game supposed to be not getting killed or earning 133t kill points? Perhaps an interesting case of an american game taking on traditionally Japanese gameplay qualities

  2. Ash

    I think the Echo mode is designed to make replaying old levels fun. The same way you and Matt are vying for Doritos supremacy.. haha

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