Dragon Age II – Preorder by the Jan 11th and get a ton of “free” stuff!

Preorder or I cost 7 dollars...

Bioware is releasing Dragon Age II on March 11th , but the only way to get some great “free” stuff is to pre-order the game by January 11th.  Here is what you get.
  • A download code for a bonus playable character and missions
  • Downloadable game soundtrack
  • Exclusive in-game digital armory featuring multiple weapons
  • Additional downloadable items

Waaaitt – Hodup, did you say bonus playable character?

I sure did, by simply preordering the game you get access to “The Exiled Prince: Sebastian”.  I for one have loved all of Bioware’s DLC characters: Shale, Kasumi and Zaeed. And truth be told, I went to the store today and pre-ordered two copies.  One copy for myself, and one for Dragon Age addicted wife Christinabot.

Take a look at Sebastian in action

Do you guys like the marketing strategy of “giving away” free content to people that pre-order? Or do you feel it’s an underhanded way of punishing people that don’t pre-order? – Thanks to Derek for the heads up.

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  1. Scott

    I don’t know why, but I pre-ordered this. I wasn’t too stoked about the first one, but if goes the way of ME2, it will be more action (not Dice) oriented. I realize it’s hypocritical of me to say that with my love of ME1, but maybe it will help me enjoy DA2 more. Heeeeerrrrreeee we gooooo!

    1. matt

      you are a complicated dude

      1. Ash

        I love bonus!

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