Mass Effect 2 DLC for 200 points (only on 12/28).

X-Box live is offering all of the Mass Effect 2 DLC for 200 points each. This deal actually expires late tonignt (12/28 ), but if you haven’t stumbled across this news yet I’ll spell it out for you.

800 > 200

That’s a sizable discount on the game of the year’s DLC!  Here is what you can get for around $2.50

Kasumi’s Stolen Memories:

The Illusive man sends you to meet Kasumi Goto, the best theif in the galaxy.  Kasumi’s loyalty quest is easy, and a whole lot of fun.  If you ever plan on doing an insanity run through, Kasumi

"Now you see me..."

makes a great squadmate, as she is the only infiltrator that can actually infiltrate.  That’s right Kasumi can go stealth, sneak up and sucker punch people.  On top of gaining access to Kasumi who is an awesome ninja-jedi, you also get access to flashbang grenades and arguably the best SMG in the game the Locust, which has an amazing back story of it’s own.


While you don’t get a ton of “stuff” for downloading overlord, you do get access to the Hammerhead flying tank and a bunch of a new achievements.  Overlord is a dark story that deals with the consequences of trying to control the Geth using a fragmented human mind.  This one is not to be missed and may have a major impact on Mass Effect 3… we shall see.

This could be yours

Lair of the Shadow Broker
If you romanced Liara in Mass Effect 1 you cannot miss Shadow Broker. Actually, if you played either Mass Effect game you cannot miss Shadow Broker, especially for 200 points! What do you get? Two amazingly crafted boss fights, astounding revelations on the story of Shepard and *SPOLIER* his/her ressurection, the power of stasis, and *SPOILER* you may even get your own massive starship that isn’t the Normandy.. Honestly this is the some of the best DLC I’ve ever purchased for any game..

So there you have it… until Midnight EST you can pick up ALL the DLC for less than the price of a sandwich.

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  1. helloscientist

    I half read the title and got really excited because I thought this was a NEW dlc.

    1. Ash

      Oh it’s coming soon. If I told you what I knew I’d have to freeze you in carbonite.

      1. helloscientist

        So not cool, spill the beans!

  2. Scott

    woah cool. didn’t have shadow broker yet, now i do.

    1. helloscientist

      Shadow broker is awesome. I think it’s probably one of my favorite DLCs of all time. Side note, I think you planted the seed of playing more Alan Wake in my head. I bought the DLC the other day when they were on sale.

  3. Madson

    I got both xpacks (which is weird for me, cause I don’t usually believe in DLC, but the price was right…) but I passed on the Kasumi. I just couldn’t justify it.

    1. Ash

      Madson, I used to feel the same way about DLC. My heart was telling me it was all just a money grab. Then I started to realize that while some companies will sell you garbage for 10 bucks, others pour their heart and soul into new content that is just as good at the original game. Undead Nightmare instantly pops into my head.

      Kasumi is great if you plan on ever replaying. She’s a great character.

  4. Madson

    Yeah, I know that sometimes it’s more than money grab, and the undead nightmare pack looks great, but I hate spending more than 2-5 bucks on something that I can’t hold in my greasy mitts.

    I just made my first purchase on steam during the past week. (Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War for $3). It was a very interesting and revolutionary experience.

    As for Kasumi, I was worried that I’d never use her in my party and therefore waste a majority of my money… The real problem is that I’m just too much of a cheap ass.

    1. helloscientist

      Kasumi is a pretty useful party member. I used her a fair amount in my insanity run.

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