ME3MP Firestorm

ME3MP: Operation Firestorm is a group effort

Everybody’s workin for the weekend… and another Mass Effect challenge, of course. This one requires the squad to earn the Killstreak 3 medal, which (don’t get ahead of me) requires you to earn 3 killstreaks within a single round.

I never really paid attention to exactly what that entailed in the past, so a quick interweb search brings us up to speed: A killstreak is 5 kills within the span of about a second, among the entire squad. So sure, you can line it all up on your own with missiles… but I’m not wasting 3+ missiles on my own. A little coordination, corralling, and timing will net you a Commendation Pack (or, as it seems to be the trend for me, another Hurricane upgrade).

Amazingly, I continue to find myself coming back to ME3MP, and still really enjoying it. Nice to see the relative difficultly of the task increasing for this particular weekend. Pew Pew Pew.


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