Story, A Powerful Ally

Story, a Powerful Ally

For most players, it is obvious that gameplay is king. Game sales are currently dominated by sports, multiplayer FPS, and rhythm games. Everyone knows at least one person whose game shelf is dominated by multiple “years” of sports titles or series’ of online frag-fests. For me, however, storytelling trumps everything.

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Netflix Offers Streaming-only Plan

Netflix offers streaming-only plan

Today, Netflix announces a streaming only plan for $7.99 per month. Consequentially, the cost other plans appear to be increasing by a dollar or so, depending on your plan. The plan announcement arrives on the heels of the recently announced Hulu Plus, which came out of the preview period earlier this week, also $7.99. Looks like a little healthy competition here, giving consumers more choice beyond cable and satellite. Score!

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