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Price Derezzed: New music to add to your tabletop game playlist

Tired of watching the teaser trailer for Tron Legacy just to listen to Daft Punk’s newest jam, Derezzed? The Tron Legacy soundtrack is finally available in hot anticipation of the movie releasing later this month. To sweeten the deal, the soundtrack is also Amazon MP3’s deal of the day. The mp3 album features a digital booklet and exclusive track. Recommended for fans of the Mass Effect soundtrack, ambient electronica, and cyber-adventures. This album will make an excellent change-up to your “Viking Metal” Last.fm playlist during tabletop gaming. Available, today only, for a cool neon-blue $3.99.

Daft Punk – Tron Legacy Soundtrack (Look for the promo link on the left)


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  • Ash

    “This album will make an excellent change-up to your “Viking Metal” Last.fm playlist during tabletop gaming. ” Uhm… you know me too well.

    • helloscientist

      If you ever get back into 40k you’ll need to start a Bolt Thrower Last.fm playlist.

  • matt

    I’ve been listening to this non-stop, it’a a lot more soundtrack-ish then I expected, but the songs are phenomenal. Just enough French Disco mixed in with the symphonic movements

  • Micah G

    Thankfully I should like this because I have robot ears.