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Deal Alert! Complete Seinfeld for $84.49

I am what you might call a comedy nerd. I love comedy and standup, and I’m a sucker for a sitcom. Arguably the greatest sitcom of all time is now on sale on Amazon for a measly $84.49. I have not pulled the trigger on this yet, mostly due to an impending move and all the lovely expenses that go along with it.

Also, while I’m on the topic, if you are a Seinfeld fan, you should hop on tumblr and follow Daily Seinfeld. It gives me a smile every day when I get to work.

Augh screw it, it’s an all Seinfeld post. If you have not, for some unearthly reason, watched Comedian yet. You absolutely must. It is a great look into a how a comedian works, what he does, and how he got to where he is. I’ll tell you, it’s not through sitting on his ass. He writes and writes endlessly. Constantly progressing through his bits and tweaking them until perfect. There are a bunch of appearances from other NY comics and it is just a fantastic documentary. So there you go, do it, buy these things and make yourself happy.