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Rock Band 3 Now featuring…OUR FRIENDS!

The Pauses

We don’t often speak “locally” here on Nerd Appropriate, but when something this awesome happens it is hard not to. We have spoken of our friend Jason (boyfriend of frequent guest Amy) on the show before. He plays in a fantastic band called The Pauses. This week their song “Go North” was released on Rock Band 3, yes I’m totally jealous, but I love it! Then, to top it off, the kind folks over at Harmonix wrote a blog about it. So go on over read the blog, leave a comment, tell them that this song is awesome, and most importantly, GO BUY IT!

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  1. Scott

    Super stoked… and totally jealous =)

  2. Ash

    Downloading it today.. Nice work guys, and hats off to Harmonix for being awesome.

  3. Jason Kupfer

    Thanks, guys. I guess we really are friends. I know this still doesn’t get me on the podcast. I’ll keep working on it.

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