February 7th, 2010 @ 00:34:11

Dead Space 2 demo out Dec 21st

No Shodan? No problem for Dead Space

If you’re like me, you were a little disenfranchised when you learned that the IP rights to System Shock went to EA, eventually leaving developer, Irrational Games, to join the 2k crew. And, although there never will be a System Shock 3, what we have instead ain’t too bad. The true spiritual successor to System Shock is Bioshock, but the space-based survival-horror aspect of the game is Visceral’s Dead Space.

The original kept your paranoia at critical mass, usually with just the flicker of a shadow and a faint whisper. Ready for more? Hope you have some clean underwear handy, because the demo for the next installment in the Dead Space series drops Dec 21st.

What can you do before Dec 21st, you ask? Let’s assume you clenched every muscle in your body long enough to finish the first one. In the meantime, check out Dead Space Ignition, an XBLA title that you’d get for free with a DS2 pre-order or for about $5. There’s also a comic series for those of you who like to delve into the worlds of your game franchises. Interestingly enough, parts of this comic are also contained in Dead Space Extraction, a really great Zapper based title for the Wii. Seriously, if that plastic Zapper attachment has been collecting dust since Link’s Crossbow Training, now is the time. Power up your plasma cutter and get to blastin’.


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  1. Ash

    I still need to beat Dead Space 1. I got stuck and could not get past a certain area. I was terrible at Dead Space.

    1. Derek

      Don’t feel bad, some parts of that game are hard. I couldn’t get passed the stupid asteroid shooting part for the longest time. It’s definitely worth a playthrough though.

      1. CAS

        Yes, I had to stop playing it for a while out of frustration because I couldn’t get past the asteroid shooting. And then you’d hear about people who got through it with no problem. Unfathomable!

        Second time around it went much quicker…somehow. Thank goodness, ’cause that game is awesome.

        1. helloscientist

          I think I got “controller throwing angry” with that part of the game. The worst part is there is an achievement for finishing with 50% shields remaining. I think I finally beat it with maybe 12%!

    2. Hayley

      I got stuck in the game too….because I was too scared to move on to the next area. :-/ But the story is so good you gotta finish it! I wonder if there will be another animated movie release, Dead Space: Downfall was pretty entertaining and a good prequel to the first game.

  2. Pilx

    I’ve been told by so many people that I’d love Dead Space…I still have yet to play it. I may just pick it up this weekend.

  3. Scott

    It’s almost required that you play this game alone, and in the dark, if at all possible.

    1. helloscientist

      Playing that way I could only make it about an hour before my nerves were shot.

      1. matt

        I said it last night and I’ll say it again. My heart was pounding and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. The #1 most stressfully scary game I’ve ever played.

    2. Ash

      Pilx… You’d love Dead Space. It’s pretty much a game coded just for you.

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