Comic-Con 2012: Comic-Con’s Coolest Cosplay!

Cosplay is all about being super-creative, crafting a costume, and dressing up like you always wished you could when you were a little kid (I always got stuck wearing some bizarre creation my mom made out of tin foil… true story).  Due it’s massive size, some of the best cosplay on Earth can be seen within the hallowed halls of Comic-Con.  To honor the folks that make our favorite conventions what they are, we figured we’d highlight some of the coolest cosplay we got a chance to see this year. Nice work everyone!  Keep an eye out for Holly Conrad, Jessica Nigri, Allegra Clark, Ashley Eckstein and more!

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  1. Pilx

    Where is Kuato!?

    1. Ash

      He was on my phone. I didn’t upload phone pics. haha… he was pretty amazing though.

  2. Rigger

    That Harley Cosplay was both hot and cool simultaneously and what not.

    1. Rigger

      For clarification I’m referring to the one with copious cleavage. 😀

      1. Ash

        Yeah, that’s Jessica Nigri. She’s sort of blowing up in the cosplay world. Look her up, she’s everywhere now.

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