PAX East 2014: Devling Into The Darkest Dungeon

PAX East 2014: Devling into the Darkest Dungeon

RNA_PAX_2014With over 100 games inside the Indie MEGABOOTH, it’s easy to miss a title here or there even if you’re actively hunting for great games all weekend. On Sunday I went on a quest to find Darkest Dungeon and by the time I actually got to play the game I realized why it was getting so much attention, this dungeon delve is perhaps the darkest of them all.

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State Of Decay Review: The Apocalypse Done Right

State of Decay Review: The Apocalypse Done Right

State of Decay is a 3rd person adventure game set in a post apocalyptic open world… with zombies. The goal of the game is not unlike this year’s indie gem Don’t Starve; build a base, collect supplies, and survive for as long as humanly possible. Perma-death heightens the tension as each and every zombie battle could quickly turn you into worm food. In terms of survival horror, State of Decay does something that other titles of the genre have been trying to accomplish for years, it manages to make the losses real, and the horror truly horrifying.

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