RNA_PAX_2014If someone were to take a time traveling phone booth to the past just to ask 13 year old me what he’d like to see in a video game, 13 year old me’s answer would likely be BROFORCE. Developed by Free Lives, a South African studio, BROFORCE is a blood-soaked love letter to the classic action films we all grew up on. In BROFORCE you take on the roles of ’80s BRO-tastic action heroes such as RamBRO, CommanBRO, and RoBROcop in a highly amusing action platformer that is much more innovative than you might expect.

The goal of BROFORCE is pretty straight forward, rescue the hostages, inflict maximum carnage, and get to the choppa’ (literally). Each time a hostage is rescued you get to take on the persona of another (unlocked) action hero, meaning that you’re constantly swapping characters on the fly with no idea who you’re going to get next. Each character you pick up is slightly different with varying primary and secondary attacks. Chuck BROris for example, sports a shotgun and can call in devastating air strikes, while RamBRO has a pretty wicked machine gun and some grenades. The random nature of character selection lends to the overall frantic feel of the game.

Bro-in-Black-and-Brohard-610x343Another feature that makes BROFORCE unique is the fact that environments can be affected by your weapons ala Worms. Because the world of BROFORCE also boasts realistic gravity, things like crates, bombs, and enemies can be made to fall and explode based on the placement of your shots and bombs. Chain reactions of explosions are both awesome and dangerously unpredictable…. It’s just nuts.

BROFORCE currently supports  four player co-op, which is almost more BRO than I can handle . Perhaps the best reason to play BROFORCE with friends is the hilarious high-5 mechanic that allows the BROS to slow time for a few seconds after slapping some skin. You too can now walk away from explosions in slow motion… with your BROS.

BROFORCE was a huge surprise for me at PAX: East this year. Not only was the game a blast to play with tight controls and solid animations, it also made me laugh my ass off. An early BROTOTYPE of BROFORCE is available now for free HERE, or you can preorder the full game HERE on Steam.

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